Saturday, 29 November 2008

counter-protest update


thanks to everyone who braved the rain & mud and came out last night. grandview park was filled with community members dancing and cheering the carnival band, community leaders & politicians. but most importantly, grandview park was filled with love. it was so inspiring to see people come together in the name of love. i saw people being moved to act in the name of love. as i walked down commercial drive on the way to grandview park, carrying my 'love is always the answer' sign, some people stopped what they were doing & joined in, some people cheered as i walked by.

our collective love took up all the space - there was no room left for hate & intolerance. the westbro baptist church did not show up.

love & laughter,


Friday, 28 November 2008

counter-protest @ havana TODAY 5pm - celebrate love!

friends & lovers of peace

today @ 5pm i will be at havana theatre- celebrating love. the westbro baptist church is coming to vancouver to protest the laramie project @ havana. i am joining others in a counter-protest - protesting the hate. i am choosing to celebrate love rather than to hate the haters. i hope you can join us - the carnival band will be there and i will have a 'love is always the answer' sign. together we can create a transformation & actively participate in making a world full of love & acceptance. please help spread the word.

today november 28th
havana - commercial drive across from grandview park

in 1998 mathew sheppard - an openly gay youth @ the university of wyoming - was beaten & murdered. the laramie project is a play which depicts the reaction to mathew's murder & has become a powerful tool in combating homophobia. it is performing @ havana - opening tonight. the westbro baptist church, lead by rev. fred phelps - has arrived in vancouver to protest @ havana today.

love & laughter,