Monday, 13 September 2010

making it last

'tis the preservation season!  i eye beautiful mounds of fresh fruit & veg @ the farmers markets with thoughts of how to preserve the beauty & the bounty.  i was lucky to grow up in a canning environment.  childhood summers were spent in the strawberry patches of rural nova scotia, picking flat upon flat of local strawberries to transform into strawberry jam.  through my mind's eye, i can still see the strawberry stains on my fingers & feel the warm sun on my face.  i can still taste the jams, rhubarb relish, chow chow and home made mustard. 

i have carried that traditional knowledge with me, and expanded my knowledge of food preservation over the years.  you can often find my food dehydrator going full tilt, drying the italian plums from the back yard, organic tomatoes from farmer friends, cherries, pears, and more.  my fermentation cupboard grows with every season, offering up delightfully tangy treats full of probiotic & digestive benefits.

but what if you did not experience the passing of the traditional knowledge of food preservation?  have no fear, there are endless resources available.  the vancouver farmers markets can now be added to your list of resources.  they are running a series of food preservation workshops, hosted by local experts.  check out the website for who, what, when & where details.

happy preserving!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Reducing your impact

Researcher Pamela Martin offers these tips for reducing the overall environmental impact of your diet.

•Eat less meat — especially grain-fed red meat — which is one of the most energy-intensive foods in the world.

•Eat local, seasonal and sustainable produce, as it requires the fewest energy inputs and leaves the lightest footprint on the environment.

•Sign up for regular deliveries of seasonal produce from a nearby farm.

•Use an efficient refrigerator and stove, as household preparation and storage can account for 28 percent of your "food footprint."

Take green transportation to the market or buy a week's worth of groceries in one car trip.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

beyond crunching the numbers

check out this thought provoking TED talk by artist chris jordan.  crunching the numbers to look at opportunities & inspiration for creating change - inside & out.