Friday, 28 September 2007

an apple a day.....

An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Hmmm.... could it be because it is a rich source of fibre? We all know the importance of fibre to a happy & healthy body. Gotta keep things moving! Or perhaps it is because the humble apple is a good source of Vitamin C? One apple (with skin) can provide 15% of RDA of Vitamin C. Important for the immune system, healthy skin, wound healing and more. Think you need a tropical banana for your potassium – think again! That same apple that is boosting your immune system, keeping you regular is, and maintaining blood sugar levels is also providing you with potassium. An important electrolyte, potassium plays a role in healthy muscle contraction. What is one of our largest muscles? The heart!

Apples are produced all around the world, but as luck would have it, there is an abundant supply of apples right here in BC. A trip to the farmers market will be rich with beautiful apples – red, green, yellow & every shade in between. Crisp and bursting with flavour like nothing else. Sweet to tart – there is something for every taste.

Of course, there are our old favourites – MacIntosh, Gala, Spartan, Mutsu. But this year, it is all about the new for me. The Sinta Gold – wow! Firm, crisp, moist, slightly tart, and you can taste the sunshine in it. I am having a love affair with the Sinta Gold – how did I go this long without discovering it?!

Maybe it is the love that am tasting? The Sinta Golds I am eating have been grown with love by Walter Harvey & family on Snowy Mountain Organic Farm in the Cawston, BC. Certified Organic & Biodynamic, you can taste the cool mountain water, warm desert sun, rich glacier soil in each bite. But, I think the secret ingredient is the love. With a happy family of humans, horses and dogs, these apples have a good life before landing in my hand. The proof is in the bite.

The Sinta Gold is yet another homegrown delight. Developed in the Summerland Research Lab, it is one we can call our own.

Not convinced? Try sampling your way through a farmers market to find your favourite variety – for eating, for cooking, for sharing. Your Local Farmers Market will be hosting a Winter Market the Second & Forth Saturday of the month at the Wise Hall, 10am – 2pm, admission is free. There will be a variety of apple growers there to delight your senses in apple flavours & tales. And to supply you with your apple a day. Enjoy!

Favourite Fall Apple Recipe

equipment needed:
hand – front & back

one fresh apple

place apple firmly in hand, rub until shiny & bright
with apple held in palm of hand, bite into apple with glee
use back of hand to wipe fresh & tasty juice away
smile with delight
repeat often

published FarmFolk/CityFolk Newsletter Fall 2006

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