Monday, 26 July 2010

the great sunscreen question

summer is in full swing & it is great to feel the sun again. with red hair & a pale complexion, i do have to be quite mindful of my sun exposure. i love the feel of the sun, but do burn easily. what's a gal to do? as a kid, i was slathered in sunscreen. today, more and more research is pointing to the potential d...angers with sunscreen. hormone disruptors, reduced vitamin d exposure, free radicals and random spf claims all make us stop and question the sunscreen industry. today, i keep covered & cool with loose cotton covers, hats, balance my sun exposure with shade and keep well hydrated. i do keep some sunscreen handy for times of longer exposure. i use alba sunscreen, which is on the environmental working group's top sunscreen list. check out the link for the full list, and more information on this hot topic.

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