Monday, 2 August 2010

fava bean crisis averted

mondays are a highlight of the week for me.  it is the day i receive my csa (community supported agriculture) box from the farm.  fraser common farm in aldergrove, bc to be exact.  i've been with the csa for several years now, and love it.  each week my refrigerator & soul is filled with farm fresh nourishment.  i eat locally & seasonally, support some of my favourite local farmers, and know exactly where my food is coming from.

i was excited by the fresh fava beans that arrived this week.  i immediately shelled them & put them on to cook.  they don't take long to cook, i like them still quite firm.  so, when i was distracted by a whole shelf of books falling from their usual perch on one of my bookcases, they overcooked.  tragedy!

removing the beans from their skins, i found they were far softer than i would normally cook them to.  but they were still tasty.  hmmm... i simply mashed them in a bowl with fresh lemon juice, unrefinded sea salt and some fresh garlic from the farm.  presto - a tasty fava bean dip.  delicious!

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