Sunday, 7 November 2010

november to remember

this is going to be a november to remember.  i am going to make it a november to remember. 

this past year has been full of unique opportunities & lessons.  my life was turned on its head when i was rear ended in a car accident in the fall of 2009.  at first, i thought i'd be able to shake it off in a couple of days.  turns out, not so much.  i have been deeply humbled by this experience of recovery.

i know that i am very lucky.  my injuries could have been much worse.  i am so very lucky to be part of a beautiful community that has rallied behind me and supported me in so many ways.  i am so very grateful for the friends who've cooked for me, washed dishes, cleaned my home, changed the kitty litter, walked my dog, helped me laugh, lifted & carried & reached, driven me to appointments, market & beyond, and been so very patient with my nervous nelly passenger ways, gardened for me so i could taste the freshness of life when i needed it most.   i am incredibly grateful for everyone who has helped me with my fundraising events, to my dear farmer friends for offering me beautiful organic foods to nourish me.  i am thankful to my dear friends for listening to me, never taking my wonky memory personally, for understanding it all.  i am so very grateful for the love.

i have so much love & respect for the amazing team of healers i am working with.  for the healing touch, the great care, for listening to me, for always helping me to be gentle with myself, for holding the space for my healing.  and, of course, for the endless conversations with ICBC.

i am grateful to the universe for always offering the lessons i need to learn.  i strive to receive them.

and so my healing process continues.  days filled with massage, physio, kinesiology and finding that balance of challenging myself without over doing it.  it is an illusive balance for me, but i continue to try & find it.

an important part of the healing process has been my creative process.  remembering that life is a creative process puts everything in a different light.  it brings joy to my heart.  everything - from the rain glistening on a crisp fresh apple, to a postage stamp on a letter, to chalk drawing with wee friends, to music drifting & filling, to transforming ugly memories simply by giving them a voice, to the sound of laughter, to the socks i wear, to the garden decomposing under the fall rain - it is all a creative process.

as i move through the layers of my healing process & recovery, i explore & envision what health & vitality looks like for me.  and work at created it.  i will share some of my thoughts & inspirations here.  food will always be a deep source of inspiration for me, i am a foodie to the bone, after all.  but, you will find more of a personal perspective on food these days, interwoven with my artwork & crafty & quirky ways.

and so it continues, ever evolving. 

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