Saturday, 23 October 2010

october saturday in east van

i spent a lovely fall day in the heart of east van.  i met friends at my favourite café - continental caffé - for an yerba mate latté.  then off to the last trout lake farmers market for the season.  my kitchen is now full of organic tasty delights!
  • walter harvey's biodynamic aubergine for baba ganoush, red sensation pears & honey crisp apples to be eaten with joy, while wiping the juices from my chin (cawston, bc)
  • helmers biodynamic larouge red potatoes for potato salad (pemberton, bc)
  • wild products' pine mushrooms for pasta delight (forest floor, bc)
  • ann friesen's organic multi coloured carrots (abbotsford, bc).  the carrots will be used in everything, but first up, they will be in miso noodles for sunday morning breakfast, and then i`ll be making some salad rolls with brown rice vermicelli, green onions, cucumber, cilantro, and ann`s carrots
  • celyddon farm's organic english cucumber for the spring rolls & salad
it was a nice visit with my pals askia & jeremy, who picked a few market treats for themselves and doubled as my sherpas, making my market trip possible.

i then had a visit with some friends with backyard chickens.  by dog, blue, and one of the polish hens, blanche, have a bit of a love affair going.  it is sweet to see them excited to see each other, nose to nose through the coop.  i could spend all day chatting with the girls.

chicken fun!

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