Monday, 18 October 2010

fresh fall veggie pâté

fresh fall veggie pâté

organic sunflower seeds (soaked for optimal nutrition & digestion)
organic nutritional yeast (norway, iowa - purchased in east van, bc)
organic helmers potatoes (pemberton, bc)
organic sapo bravo onions (lytton, bc)
organic root down carrots (pemberton, bc)
backyard garlic (east van, bc)
backyard oregano (east van, bc)
organic nuts to you tahini (paris, ontario - purchased in east van, bc)
organic amano tamari (richmond, bc)
maison coté unrefined sea salt & pepper (vancouver, bc)
organic monkey in the garden 12 chili pepper blend (spences bridge, bc)
organic coconut oil (purchased in east van, bc))

*this version was specifically made gluten free for a gathering.  organic flour can also be added, giving the pâté a more loaf like texture.   without the flour, it has a very spreadable texture.

great served on a crispbread with olives!

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